PETCO in a nutshell

PETCO, Kenya PET Recycling Company, is a company that takes Extended Producer Responsibility (something that, in the industry, we call EPR) for the end-of-life solution for the PET bottle sector on a collaborative basis, both financially and operationally.

PETCO supports recyclers with community programmes, educational material and awareness programmes on recycling. PETCO promotes recycling efficiency in the production, design, conversion, collection and recycling of post-consumer PET plastic.

We are an industry-driven and industry-financed environmental solution for post-consumer PET. Funded by a voluntary fee paid by our members who purchase PET resin, we hope to make a truly positive impact in Kenya.

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Our partners share our passion

Our partners are many and varied but they all share an ambitious vision to shape the way we manage waste in Kenya. From government to our shareholder members, we’re working together to make positive progress and bring about real change in Kenya today.

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