Start Recycling

Find a drop-off site closest to you for your PET and other recyclables.

Plastic bottles are not trash. When recyclable materials, like PET, are sent to landfill, they become completely useless. Keep them out of the waste stream by recycling them. Check for local NGOs, schools and shopping centres that offer recycling services.

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There are many good reasons to start recycling:

Where will you be recycling?

Whether at home, at school, at the office or at your university, there are a few simple steps you should take to ensure successful recycling. Although it is arguably easier to follow the steps when recycling at home, even the small effort you take to encourage recycling at the office or university will reap rewards. Find all the details that will help you recycle anywhere here.

Where will you recycle?

Start a Recycling Business

From basic collectors to recycling entrepreneurs, PETCO sees the role of training and mentorship as critical. We specifically help in improving work conditions and assist entrepreneurs to grow and sustain their businesses. We also aim to embed good practice in the design of PET packaging. Find out more here:

Start a Recycling Business