10 May 2019


Industry Target to collect 250 million bottles in 2019 inches closer

A Chinese firm has set up Kshs 4.5 billion (US$ 45 million) plastic waste recycling company in Kenya that would collect and recycle 2,000 tonnes of PET bottles every month.
Weeco Recycling Company has set up operations in Athi River and Mombasa and targets to collect and recycle plastic bottles into pellets which are later converted into fibre and garment.
“We have been producing to provide a lasting solution to the challenge posed by post-consumer PET bottles. In addition, we will provide employment opportunities, revenue for the exchequer and improve the standards of living for the collectors who will be supplying to us. We are able to recycle between 200 tonnes and 500 tonnes every month in Nairobi,” Karsam Limited Company Director Denis Karanja said.
He was speaking in Athi River when the firm signed a partnership contract with PETCO, Kenya PET Recycling Company – which is an industry body mandated with the responsibility of regulating the management of post-consumer PET packaging in the country.

On his part PETCO Kenya Chairman John Withaka said that the firm would play a key role in the recycling of post-consumer PET packaging in the country, in line with its strategic objectives, given that plastic waste has become a global challenge with 8 million tonnes of plastics finding their way into the oceans every year with the micro-plastics now a part of the food chain.
“In line with our core strategy for 2019, which is to stimulate the collection and
recycling of post-consumer PET packaging, this is the second recycling contract we are signing in 2019, in an effort to achieve our target of recycling 6,000 tonnes or 250 million bottles this year,” said Waithaka.

“PETCO will provide a price subsidy of Kshs. 2-5 per kilogram of PET bottles collected and recycled by KARSAM Limited, over and above their current purchasing price,” he said.

Moving forward, PETCO plans to kick-off a national call to action for the collection of PET bottles, consumer awareness activities such as the rolling out of designated drop-off sites in conjunction with our partners, implementation of segregation at source programs, establishment of collection centres in various counties.

It is envisaged that this contract between PETCO and KARSAM will complete the value chain which is critical in sustaining the demand of post-consumer PET packaging.