Who we are

An industry-driven and industry-financed environment solution for PET

PETCO is the trading name of Kenya PET Recycling Company, a company incorporated in 2018 to represent the Kenyan PET plastic industry’s joint effort to self-regulate post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling.

PETCO’s unique model is built on the simple principle of an industry driven and financed environmental solution for post-consumer PET plastic. The PET plastics industry acknowledges that the convenience and life-saving qualities of plastics aside, a solution for post-consumer plastic packaging is critical in order to minimise its impact on the environment.

To achieve this everyone involved, from the raw material producers, the converters, brand owners, retailers, consumers and recyclers are playing their part in the solution, with PETCO fulfilling the PET industry’s role of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

EPR promotes the integration of environmental costs associated with PET products throughout their life cycles into the market costs of the products, and shifts responsibility for the used container from government to private industry.

PETCO is financed by a voluntary EPR fee paid by converters and bottlers on PET resin purchased. PETCO also receives grants from brand owners and retailers. Support for PET recycling efforts ensures an ongoing monetary value for post-consumer PET. This sustains collection interest and reduces the volume of post-consumer PET in the waste stream.

By taking responsibility for post-consumer PET recycling, PETCO imposes accountability over the entire life cycle of PET products and packaging. This means that companies that manufacture, import and/or sell PET products and packaging are financially and physically responsible for such products after their useful life.

Ongoing consumer and public education and awareness activities promote environmental responsibility and encourage PET recycling.

PETCO Kenya’s office is based at the Coca-Cola Plaza, Upperhill, Nairobi.

The History of PETCO

PETCO Kenya has been adapted from the successful and renowned South African model which was incorporated in 2004 with the specific objective of improving the management and recycling of post-consumer PET products in South Africa on behalf of the local industry.

Over the past decade, PETCO South Africa has driven significant change in their local PET recycling industry, which has facilitated the creation of many income opportunities, has reduced CO2 emissions and has meant a significant portion of landfill space has been avoided.


Everyone has the right to an environment which is not harmful to our health or well being, and that is protected for the benefit of present and future generations. This places a duty on all spheres of government to take reasonable steps, which includes making laws, preventing pollution, promoting conservation and ensuring sustainable development.

It was in the midst of this evolving legislative landscape, as sustainable development (in terms of social, environmental and economic) gained traction on the political agenda, that the need for more effective waste management and recycling became a key focus for Kenya. This was all the impetus we needed to form PETCO.

We’re governed by one simple mantra – plastic bottles are not trash – and continuously spread that message as far and wide as we can.

Visit the National Environmental Management Authority, NEMA , the regulatory agency for environmental management in Kenya, for clear guidelines on what environmental legislation applies in Kenya.

The following legislation is applicable to waste management in Kenya:
The Constitution of Kenya, 2010
Environmental Management Co-ordination Act, 2001
The National Solid Waste Management Strategy, 2015

Our Values

The PETCO team is made up of dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate individuals. Five basic values drive everything that we do:

We work on the basis of respect, appreciation and commitment at all times, as do our members and our stakeholders.

We seek every opportunity to create work, entrepreneurship opportunities and hope for previously disadvantaged people, including women, for whom recovery of waste could be a lifeline.

Along with our membership, we believe that all our activities must be carried out with honesty, sincerity, care and reliability.

We are committed to providing our services in an efficient manner, anticipating the future needs of our members wherever possible.

Because we subscribe to triple bottom-line business principles, we always seek to implement business practices, which are environmentally and socially sustainable.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make sure that there is an ongoing monetary value for post-consumer PET so that we can grow the collection and recycling of PET bottles into the future.

We aim to reduce the environmental impact of post-consumer PET on the South African landscape through:

  1. Achieving sustainable growth in PET plastic recycling;
  2. Supporting existing and encouraging new PET collection and recycling networks; and
  3. Promoting consumer education and awareness programmes.

The PETCO Team

These are the people who play a major role in PETCO's success:


Joyce Gachugi Waweru
Joyce Gachugi Waweru

Country Program Manager


Richard Rugendo
Richard Rugendo

Managing Director

Justin Apsey
Justin Apsey


Gilbert Mbuthia
Gilbert Mbuthia

Managing Director

John Waithaka
John Waithaka

Technical Manager

Daryl Wilson
Daryl Wilson

Managing Director

Dr. Casper Durandt
Dr. Casper Durandt

Technical Director

Amos Chege
Amos Chege

Operations Director

Our directors serve a three-year term and are elected after being nominated by the industry sectors they represent.
They may avail themselves for re-election.

Our board are not remunerated and pay their own expenses to attend annual meetings.